Backstories Post you character's backstory here!

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Backstories Post you character's backstory here!

Post by Lainfaer on Thu Feb 09, 2017 5:23 pm

This is a work in progress backstory thanks for reading!

It all began long ago, in a far away land called middle earth.
Hello, I am The Lady Lainfaer, daughter of the Forest, princess of Elves, and many other titles. I come from a long lineage of royalty. To be specific Sindarin royalty. Not many know that my mother is the great Queen Tauriel or that my father is King Legolas.

Chapter one
How it began

Just after I was born I was hidden away, for fear murders or abductions would take place on me, the daughter of the forest. My parents are the finest one could hope for. I had my mother's hair and my father’s eyes. I had never had much skill with a bow nor with swords. One day when I was about five, I got very mad a one of the peasant children whom I had been playing with. I shot a bolt of lightning towards her, but luckily my aim was off. I sank to the ground shaking and looking at at my hands with horror. “Did i really just do that?” I asked horrified. My parents swept me up and placed me far away in under the palace in a forest, inside a giant tree. My parents erased everyone’s memory of what happened and my playmate’s memory of me. While I was in the tree of all life, I cultivated my magic. Luckily my parents put lots of books about mages, magic, the history of magic, and lots of other things, all related to magic. By the time I was ten, I had the magical knowledge  of someone many times my age. I looked through the new spellbook my parents gave me for my birthday and i saw a spell for escaping any room. On the next page I saw a spell for unwinding a tree. Using my knowledge of magic I quickly calculated a formula to combine the two spells. The day before i was going to try to escape, I heard about a new baby, a sister. The named her Erinfaer. I flew into rage and I used my formula to get out of the tree. I stormily walked to the throne room. My mother said, “sweetie! How good to see you out of the tree!” Suddenly a burst of orange magic flew from Erinfaer! Sputtering, my father yelled “Lainfaer take your sister and yourself away from this kingdom forever!” I started to cry, and I dropped down on my knees begging to stay. My mother burst into tears “Legolas your heir! Your own children! How could you take my babies away from me!” She cried onto his shoulder. He looked over her head and said “Did you not hear me? TAKE YOUR SISTER AND GO!!” I shot a bolt of energy and baby Erinfaer floated in a bubble beside me. I soared above them and I sprinkled a special magic powder over everyone except my parents and they forgot I and Erinfaer existed.

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Re: Backstories Post you character's backstory here!

Post by Isolde Olane on Fri Mar 03, 2017 3:20 am

Healing cleric, no physical strength at all, healing weak and limited to small groups.

Miaryra was middle aged, single and had a typical defiant attitude that the world would be better off without guardians and their continued foolishness. A nose curl each time she encountered them but would heal them in groups till they shot off their mouths and attitudes then they would die with lack of healing.. How simple was that, just stop healing them and the guardian and their attitude would vanish as if fate had paid them a visit.

Technology interested her but not enough to cause her to participate, she didn't have much respect for those who despised magic but used it as an energy form to fuel the tech devices, be true to your beliefs. Though she cared not where magic came from nor had respect of the craft she relied upon it in the many battles she had faced and would face in the future. More of a convenience than a studied art.

She had always been a solitary creature, not even building a home to live in till that day she met and began to love the one who called himself Friskey. An odd name for the biggest Bahmi she had ever seen, reckless, at times thoughtless but he drew her attention as no one else had ever done. In time she had even grown to love him, speak of marriage with him. A house, albeit small, she had built in hopes of building a home, a life with him. She had put in so many gifts as Christmas time drew close that it resembled a fabled place from another time and world of Yule. One she had never participated in till him. Joy had filled her at the thought of wedding, a Yule wedding, then he had vanished. The hope of future stilled within her chest and life simply continued. Living in tents, moving from place to place and rarely visiting the place she had built for it no longer held appeal nor any desire arose to call it home.

A small acquaintance in Elspbeth Olane but none other as yet. Perhaps one day she would befriend someone of her own race, that possibility would not be squashed. Of course, the only good guardian, was a dead guardian.
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