Hidden dimension vendor

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Hidden dimension vendor

Post by Isolde Olane on Tue Feb 21, 2017 5:52 pm

Trion have hidden two dimension vendors behind a couple of quest chains and a boss fight. The additional dimension item vendors are the Nug quartermaster, Nifo, and the Biofoundry merchant, Ulsar Grendorian.

Nug Vendor
Boggling Fishing Rack, Bogling Lampost and Bogling Stump are all available from Nifo the Nug Vendor
To access the Nug goodies, you must complete two quest chains, one in the Seratos Nug village and one in the Morban Nug Village. Completing both allows you to see the Nug Quartermaster in each village (they sell the same goodies). I completed the Seratos quest chain at level 55 and it may be available at lower levels. It looks like the Morban quest chain is not available till you finish the Seratos chain and reach level 56, though this does need testing. The nearest porticulum to the Nug village is The Hollow, if you do not have the Nug Village porticulum.

The quest giver for Seratos, Na Ru, can be found in the Nug Village, coordinates 10945, 3535. If you can’t see Na Ru, he sometimes hides under the huts. This quest chain can be completed solo at level 55 (there will be a lot of deaths in your future), but you may want to bring in the heavy guns (i.e. higher level friends) when it comes time to collect the medicinal plants, as killing the Grafted Horror gives an achievement. As a nice bonus, the Nugs will know your name after you finish this chain.

The quest giver for Morban, Mother Nug, is located at 13450,7520. The nearest porticulum is Black Strand. Mother Nug gives three quests which grant the achievement, Mother Nugger, on completion. The quest chain can be completed at level 56.

Upon completion of both quest chains, the Nug Quartermaster will now be visable. He is located near Mother Nug in Morban and by the Nug Village porticulum in Seratos.

The other hidden vendor is Ulsar Grendorian. This vendor is only available at the Biofoundry for two hours after the players defeat Volan during the boss event (look out for the event ‘Dreams of Blood and Bone’ in Ashora). Co-ordinates for Ulsar Grendorian are 5235, 7371 and the Biofoundry can be reached by the Builder’s Causeway porticulum in Ashora.

Ulsar’s dimension items are locked behind Quijiri notoriety. You will need friendly status to purchase the sandy rock tower, sandy mushroom rock tower, green karthian cactus and tall karthian cactus. Decorated will allow purchase of the sandy mushroom rock and revered opens up Volan’s helmet and the karthian cannon.

Fortress builders everywhere will be anticipating revered with the Quijiri, enabling them to purchase the first dimensions weapons, the karthian cannon and Volan’s helmet. No fortress will be complete without them.
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