hidden minion cards

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hidden minion cards

Post by Isolde Olane on Tue Aug 08, 2017 5:44 pm

Special Hidden Minions

There are special hidden minions out there with more than two attributes! These are special minions with strange stats: a few of these have “unusual combinations of attributes, stat growth, and stamina on them”. [r]

Where to find them? Each one has special ‘hidden’ conditions you must meet to obtain them. For a full list of hidden minion cards and where to find them, head on over to RiftGrate’s Minion Card Database and go to the ‘Hidden Minions’ tab for a full list. Some examples below:

Hidden Minion Card: Drekanoth of Fate

Minion Card: Drekanoth of Fate

The Minion Card: Drekanoth of Fate has Earth, Life, Death, Hunting, Artifact and Assassination attributes. It is found by performing a specific set of hidden conditions. [r]

The card starts with a value of 1 for all attributes and remains that way until Level 25 (max level) where all attributes increase to a value of 12 each. Thanks to Ahov for the information!

Obtaining the Minion Card: Drekanoth of Fate

It has to do with the tooltip “Only the one percent will ever gaze upon my full potential”. Eorer on the forums found out that you need to have completed “Scraping The Threads of Fate” achievement from the Tier 3 Level 60 Storm Legion Bindings of Blood raids which gives you “The One Percent” title.

You must also have the “The One Percent” title active by going to your Character window (default key “c“) -> Titles and making it your active title.

Enter the Rhen of Fate Level 65 Tier 1 10-man sliver (can do this solo) to get the card. The sliver is located at /setwaypoint 6362 4228. You will need Omen Sight (Guardian) or Quantum Sight (Defiant) buff up to see the portal. Entering the Rhen of Fate with “The One Percent” title active gives you the card.

Hidden Minion Card: Ra’Aran of Fate

Hidden Minion Card - Ra'Aran of Fate

The Minion Card: Ra’Aran of Fate has Air, Fire, Water, Diplomacy, Harvesting and Dimension attributes.

Tooltip states: “Only after dodging many waves will my full potential be reached!”

Obtaining the Minion Card: Ra’Aran of Fate

Noshei has posted information about how they got the Ra’Aran of Fate hidden minion card. It seems you need to kill Magicillian in the Bindings of Blood: Maelforge encounter (Level 60 Tier 3 20-man raid) and then have someone click the orb that teleports you to the Maelforge encounter. Everyone in the raid gets the card at that point. [r]

Note: You will need the “Hopsadaisical” achievement to get the card. Found under Achievements -> Raids -> RIFT: Storm Legion -> Bindings of Blood. Thanks to Beariepoo, Chickie and Nephilim for the info!

Hidden Minion Card: Fluffy

Minion Card Fluffy

The Minion Card: Fluffy has Death and Assassination attributes.

Tooltip states: “The Destroyer of Worlds; Fueled by Tears”

Obtaining the Minion Card: Fluffy

Simply enter a warfront and summon the Fluffy companion pet, and then win that warfront to have the Minion Card: Fluffy appear in your Rift Loot Bag.

Note: This must be the Fluffy companion pet that you gain as a random drop from warfronts. It seems the Carnival Fluffy companion pets (like Breezy Fluffy) do not work.
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